Truth - Aleatha Romig

This is an infuriating read.  Took me a while to get through it for various reasons, the main one being that I don’t like any of the characters and yet… I am drawn to the train wreck.  The last 25% of the book was really captivating but the first 75% just dragged. Overall this was just too long.  Most of the story is Claire trying to get revenge (emphasis on trying) for what Tony did to her but I just see her as a weak pawn being handed from one person to another.  Constantly relying on the strength of others to go on.  I keep waiting for her to scream and stomp and just raise her voice and be heard.  Sometimes she would only to be bow down and be bullied once again by Tony and take a nap. She's always napping!  Maybe I’m not being fair, but it’s how I feel about her.  Though I’ll consent that the last 25% of the story showed a different somewhat stronger side.  Anthony is an egotistical asswipe that I just can’t bring myself to like at all.  Sure, you see a different side of him but I still don’t know what is so appealing about him. 

I did find the flashbacks to be very interesting and I liked that story a lot.  There were times I would fast forward and skim chapters just to get to the flashback chapters.  Marie was a very intriguing character and probably the only one I’ve liked so far.

Much like the previous book, there were some major “OMG!” moments but overall I was bored with all the designer labels and shopping and galas.  I know some people consider this to be one of those mindfuck books but I just find it infuriating and keep waiting to click with any character and actually care about what happens to them.  Will I read book 3?  Not sure yet.  Maybe once some of the frustration of this one dies down a bit.