Possession by JR Ward

Possession  - J.R. Ward

Torn about my feelings about this book.  First off, I feel like Ward needs to stop giving the Brothers cameos and allow this series to be its own entity.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Brothers and understand that this series is also based in the world Caldwell, NY but I feel it distracts from what is happening in this story.  The story itself didn’t flow well and at times, especially at the beginning, I felt lost and wondered if I had missed a chapter.

After the end of the last book, we were told that Jim was willing and ready to do anything to free the soul of Sissy.  Even if this meant giving up a win.  So far the Angels are winning the war 4-1 and Devina is not happy.  I’ve always enjoyed Jim and have known that he is tortured and conflicted but has always had eyes on winning the war.  Well… not so much anymore.  It was hard to read about Jim make mistake, after stupid mistake and have tunnel vision that focused on Sissy and Sissy alone.  I understand how torn up he has been about her but… GAAA!!  Even after he accomplishes his goal, he is still tortured and fucked up.  Enough already.  That particular storyline is getting really old.  I realize that Ward is a fan of tortured males being saved by the virtuous woman but this really pushed it.  I appreciate that there was a step into advancing the Sissy/Jim saga but I need more.  I also suspect that ultimately Jim’s soul will be one of the assignments.

Some MAJOR shit goes down in heaven.  HUGE!!  I really wished there had been more explanation and insight as to what was happening up there.  Once again we are left hanging.  I’ll admit that I’ve never been a fan of the way Ward portrays the angels up there.  The term “dandies” just makes them sound well… derogatory.  Not sure if that’s what Ward’s intention is but I don’t like it.

The main story of Cait, Duke and G.B. was ok.  This storyline was very predictable.  Enjoyable in that there are some nice passionate scenes but I just wasn’t feeling the love for these three too much.  It was so rushed and though I’ve come to expect automatic lust/love from these stories, there just was no foundation.  Duke was an angry and an asshole but he sees Cait and poof! all is changed.  I wish a bit more time had been taken with this storyline because the characters did have a lot of potential.  Too much focus was placed on Sissy trying to figure out what is happening and on Jim being obsessed with Sissy.  Even Devina seemed a bit lackluster!

Overall this was alright… some aspects were intriguing and had me engrossed but other parts were a big yawn.