Demon Inside (Megan Chase, #2) - Stacia Kane The beginning was a bit rough and confusing. I felt like I had skipped a page or chapter but the rest flowed better. This starts off 3 months after Demon Inside. Megan is the reluctant head of her personal demon clan. She is determined to steer them into a much gentler path that obviously goes against their nature. She feels her humanity slipping away and struggles with this new demonic side of her. Part of her wants to run and leave it all in the past and the other side craves and becomes giddy thinking of the power and misery she can inflict on other. At the same time she has to deal with changes to her career and we get a lot more of her horrible family life. These parts made me really sad for Megan.

I did get a bit frustrated with Megan and her inability to communicate. I understand why it was difficult to talk about her feelings and secrets but felt like being a therapist she would understand the power and importance of being honest with Greyson. On that subject… Greyson…. HOT DAMN! I love the way Stacia Kane is able to make a stereotypical villain, in this case a demon, into a hero and the good guy. Some of those scenes between Meg and Grey were sizzling. Greyson is still a mystery though we got a bit about his background and family life as well.

I missed having the brothers Maleficarum, Spud and Malleus in more of the story. Love these bodyguards/ personal assistants/ personal stylists/ thugs. But we did meet other characters who were interesting, especially Nick. What will happen to Megan and her demon clan is still up in the air! Hope that there is a happy ending for all of them.