Lick (Stage Dive,#1)

Lick (Stage Dive,#1) - Kylie Scott This was a 3.5-4 star book... maybe 3.75?

It was a fun read and exactly what you'd expect. Evelyn wakes up with a hangover on the bathroom floor of a cheap Las Vegas hotel room to find herself married to a gorgeous guy. Unknown to her, said guy is a famous rockstar. Needless to say they have a bumpy ride to love. The side character of Mal, David's best friend, was my favorite. He provided much needed humor and a lightness that helped the intensity of Ev and David.

My only complaint and the reason why I'm hesitant to give this 5 or even 4 stars is that I found a lot of incosistencies and errors. I usually don't pay attention to these things but if I'm paying for a book and they're frequent, I can't help but be irked by them.

Regarless, curious to read more about these boys and where their love lives will lead.