Jellicoe Road

Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta This is a lovely coming of age story that struck a personal note with me. I will admit that though the writing is beautiful, the story was confusing at first. Mostly because it's two stories that eventually become one. I went back after finishing the book to re-read the first chapters.

I related very much to the relationship between Hannah and Taylor. Taylor was angry and selfish and at first I just didn't understand her. But as the story unfolded I got it. That need to fill that void within you. Fear of loving and being loved.

Loved, loved the side characters of Raffy and Chaz. And of course Jonah Griggs. Because I love - love, my favorite scenes were between Taylor and Griggs. As usually I'm hesitant to share these because they're my scenes. Read the book and find your own!

The parallel story is of another group of teenagers. Tate, Narnie, Webb, Fritz & Jude. A bittersweet love story that is closely entwined with Taylor's.

At first I was convinced that this was a 3 star book, but then it sucked me in and it jumped to 4. But I can't stop thinking about the story and for me any book that grabs hold and doesn't let go is 5 stars. Just sad that the Jellicoe Road journey is over.