Redemption (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #4)

Redemption (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #4) - H.D. Gordon The beginning of this book was probably the roughest for me. The writing felt a bit choppy. Different POVs and "in between" chapters. Not sure what to call them since they weren't really anyone's POV but served to inform the reader on what was going on. At times I was so annoyed with Alexa and her bitchiness but I guess I would be acting the same if the fate of the world rested on my shoulders and I was only 18. No pressure!!

Then there is saint Kayden. Damn that man puts up with a lot from Alexa but as he later states, their time together is counted so why waste it being angry. He is her other half. Such sweet scenes together.

Nellie... Poor Nellie. Broken. Confused. Faced with difficult choices. We were told from book one how this would all end and yet I refused to believe it. This was bloody. Sad. Full of love and hope. A bittersweet hope but hope nonetheless.

Throughout the whole book I was convinced that this was a 4 star read and not my favorite of the series. Mostly due to the writing style. Just when I was getting into a storyline I was jarred into someone else's POV. Yet, that ending and just the emotions this whole series has evoked is deserving of 5 stars.

Awesome, amazing, at times heart wrenching series. I will miss you Alexa, Kayden, Nell and even you Tommy.