Consequences (Consequences, #1)

Consequences (Consequences, #1) - Aleatha Romig Hmmm… this is one of those books that leave me with mixed emotions and overall confusion. I feel weird saying this, but I expected more of a mind fuck. I thought for sure I’d be dealing with a taboo book about Stockholm syndrome. But instead I just got… not sure what I got.

The cons:
REALLY long. Way too long. Too many mundane activities of social events, traveling and shopping. After reading the whole book, I get where Romig was going with it all but she could’ve cut that part in half. Or more. I never fell in love with Anthony. Actually I think he wasn’t a likeable character at all which is partly the problem. The way the story is written was a bit confusing. It started in an odd way, then you get snippets of another story and it was confusing at times. Even the sex scenes felt bland and not at all sexy.

The pros:
This was suspenseful and the whole time I was trying to piece the puzzle together. Why Claire? How psycho is Anthony? (very) That ending was crazy! I expected something of the sort but that was beyond my expectations.

Overall an intriguing read that made my head hurt at times in a non-pleasant manner. But, it gave me enough to be intrigued by book 2.