Ravished by a Highlander (Children Of The Mist, #1)

Ravished by a Highlander (Children Of The Mist, #1) - Paula Quinn 3.5 stars. I really enjoyed the world created, the historical references (however loose they might've been), Rob MacGregor was what I expected. Sex on legs, fearless with a lovely Scottish burr.

What I didn't enjoy too much were two things. One, the mystery of who Davina was took way too long to be revealed. The second was Davina Montgomery herself. Davina at first seemed sheltered, innocent but had a bit of fire. It was implied that she knew how to defend herself so I assumed (wrongly) that she had a bit of badass in her. Instead, Davina kept crying all the time. Yes, she was in shock at first but she seemed too damsel in distress for my taste. In my defense I just finished reading Kate Daniels who is an awesome example of a kickass chick, so in comparison Davina was found lacking.

Regardless of these two things, the story flowed well, wish there would've been more build up to the romance but some interesting characters were introduced and it held enough attention for me to want to read book 2.