The Way of Shadows (Night Angel, #1)

The Way of Shadows (Night Angel, #1) - Brent Weeks It's been a long time since I read fantasy and this reminded me of why I love it and also why I took a break from it. Mr Weeks created an intriguing and complex Medieval world. Azoth is a street kid who dreams of escaping the world of poverty and one day apprenticing under Durzo Blint. A wetboy or assassin. The best in the land.

I liked Azoth. It was clear from the beginning that he just wants to do what's right. It was also clearly established that his moral compass is Doll girl aka Elene. Wasn't too happy about this. This is my one complaint about the story. It got a bit preachy and judgmental. There is a scene where Elene asks Kylar/Azoth if he's still a virgin and I could almost picture her standing there with the judgment in her eyes. I don't know. There was something in the virgin/whore portrayal of women that didn't sit right.

I was torn about Durzo. Sometimes he was kind. Other times he was an asshole. His overall aim is to teach Azoth that love will bring pain and life as a wetboy is lonely. Throughout the book he goes about teaching this lesson by any means necessary.

This book had so many characters and twists and turns that I got dizzy! Who is who and who is good was just confusing at times. But overall the world was full if discreet magic and much moral dilemma. I had also forgotten how long some of these stories can be.