Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy, #1)

Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy, #1) - Jennifer Estep 3.5 ❤'s.

I really loved the modern mythology twist on this story. After her mother's death Gwen, a Gypsy, changes school. She starts attending a school where they are all warriors in training and Spartans, champions for Nike and Amazons. The story unraveled a bit too slowly for my taste but it was intriguing to read about the war these students faced between and gods and Loki. A couple of things I didn't like was the author's repetitive nature. Phrases, desciptions, words were used over and over. To the point that sometimes I thought I had accidentally backtracked in my reading.

This does take place in a school so you have the typical popular mean girl group and the outcasts. But amidst it all we also meet Spartan Logan Quinn who didn't make nearly enough appearances as I would've liked. Just as things began to unravel and get interesting. BAM. It was over. Overall, this read like a first book in a series. A bit rough, a bit slow in places but it did give me enough of a glimpse into a world that will (hopefully) be interesting and fun.