Fury (New Species, #1)

Fury (New Species, #1) - Laurann Dohner 3.5 stars

I like the premise of this, genetically modified humans create a breed of half animal, half human species. Fury and Ellie have major miscommunication issues at first. They are both part of the New Species home called Homeland (very original). Fury lived up to his name, he was an angry man. With reason for sure. He is half canine and half human and has been attracted to Ellie since he saw her. These species actually sounds pretty scary to me and I'm still unsure about their penis.

All in all this was a quick read. Some of the dialogue was a bit immature and didn't flow well. But it was a fun story with some hot scenes. What killed it was the last quarter of the story. It just seemed to drag a bit. There are also some scenes with some bitch nurse that made no sense to me.