Rock Chick Rescue (Rock Chick, #2)

Rock Chick Rescue (Rock Chick, #2) - Kristen Ashley Very mixed feelings about this book.

On one hand I had forgotten how fun these stories are. I like the kookiness of Indy, Ally and Tex. Throw in Jet’s mom and friends and a zoo of side characters and it was quite enjoyable. A bit longer than necessary but I find that’s often the case with romance. It drags on longer than it should (at least for me). For the story and the laughs alone I give this ★★★★.

Jet: I found it really irritating how she went on and on and on and on about how average she was. Boring. Not worthy of the attention and care. I get that she didn’t exactly have nurturing parents and that it would affect her self-esteem but it was too much.

Eddie: I love an alpha male. For the most part their over the top behavior doesn’t bother me. But Eddie pushed my boundaries too much. I’m used to the alpha possessiveness and manipulation but the fact that he was being nice so Jet would feel indebted to him was not acceptable to me. How was that different from the way her father treated her? Yes, Jet was scared and unsure of what to make of Eddie. Yes, she wanted him sexually but the fact that he disregarded her concerns and pushed on ahead to give her orgasms in order to make her “agreeable” and “nice” not to mention add to the tab of things she now owed him was really not acceptable to me. I don’t care how ready she is for a good time. That is just not ok. Ever.

The use of Español: What is starting to become a HUGE pet peeve of mine is author’s use of Spanish to reiterate the fact that someone is in fact Latino. Is that necessary? Spanish is my first language and unless I’m speaking with someone who also speaks Spanish or I’m mad, I do not pepper my sentences with Spanish words. Then there was the constant misuse of the word “cariña”. It’s always cariño regardless of the person’s sex. If you are going to use Spanish words, then maybe do a little research. Based on just these issues I would give this ★★.

90% of the time I read it’s for entertainment so I don’t over analyze what I read and let go of a lot of these issues, but this bothered me a lot and it got in the way of my reading pleasure. Enough to discontinue the series? No. Though I am proceeding with caution.