Hot Blooded (Jessica McClain, #2)

Hot Blooded (Jessica McClain, #2) - Amanda  Carlson When we last left off Selene, the evil crazy vampire, had death cursed Jessica and taken Rourke prisoner. In order to save him, Jessicca made a deal with the vamp queen and off she went to the mountain to save Rourke. Jessica is not only the only female werewolf, she is also the savior of the supernatural world.

This didn't go at all how I pictured it would. The vampires were introduced almost last minute in the last book and I figured they'd play a bigger role, I just didn't realize they would be part of the whole book. 90% of the story is Jessica's trip in search of Selene with vamp siblings Naomi and Eamon, her brother Tyler, Danny and the human Ray. On the journey they meet underworld evil beings and whole other twists. So... yeah. At times this dragged on... Jessica is powerful. Jessica is part of a prophecy. Jessica and company are trekking through the mountain and getting attacked. Jessica is Alpha without being Alpha. Big cliffhanger at the end.

Sometimes stories don't go how you hoped but you still enjoy them. This didn't go how I hoped and left me a bit disappointed. However, I do feel like its leading to something big.