Bluewing (The Frost Chronicles, #4)

Bluewing (The Frost Chronicles, #4) - Kate Avery Ellison Once again Kate Ellison weaves a beautiful story about a group of revolutionaries fighting to get their land back. I feel like both books 2 & 3 were leading to this. BIG things happen and front and center is Lia Weaver.

The Lia of book one has changed so much. At times I became frustrated with her for being so distrustful of everyone. But Lia has had so much responsibility that I can't blame her. She feels responsible for everyone and everything. I hate love triangles because someone always gets hurt and there is just no easy way to a handle them. Though I'm glad where that is heading, I still feel bad for the losing party.

Then there is Jonn. My heart has always ached for him and damn it, he made me cry. I've grown very fond of this series and the characters. Will be sad to see it finish. No idea how book 5 will go! Did u l mention I hate cliffhangers?