Bayou Moon (The Edge, #2)

Bayou Moon (The Edge, #2) - Ilona Andrews This was a fun story! A bit confusing at first with so many characters but once I had them down (sort of) I was able to focus on the actual story. This is Williams story. We met him in book one and he was intriguing, plus he's a werewolf and I love werewolves. As we learned in book one, changelings aren't really accepted and have been used as weapons. William is a spy of sorts and has been hired to hunt down the villain Spider who has been killing changeling children.

His path crosses with Cerise who is trying to find her parents. Cerise was awesome!! She was sharp tongued and could kick ass. She is a girl from the swamp with a crazy family who though dysfunctional, is a tight knit group. I felt bad for Cerise. Just like Rose, she's had to take responsibility of her family and sibling.

I was glad that William found Cerise. They complemented each other nicely and when they finally manage to get together, sparks fly! Great story and looking forward to what will become of this bunch.