Sacrificial Magic (Downside Ghosts, #4)

Sacrificial Magic (Downside Ghosts, #4) - Stacia Kane Another awesome Chessie book!! Big developments and revelations in this one. Chess' world outside the Church is getting smaller and smaller. She's been able to stay neutral between the two drug lords of Downside but looks like that may have to end. As usual she doesn't get a nice and easy debunking case and these ghosts are getting nastier and nastier. I suspect monumental changes are coming to the Church.

Then there is Terrible and Chess. These two... I want Chess to get sober. Yet, I know she needs to hit bottom before that happens. She's skidded the bottom but isn't there yet. We saw the affect the drugs have on their relationship. I just know something big and bad is going to happen. Good heart wrenching moments between these two lovers. Hoping they have a happy ending.