Taken by Storm (Raised by Wolves, #3)

Taken by Storm (Raised by Wolves, #3) - Jennifer Lynn Barnes Torn about this third installment in the series. This might be a 3.5 but not sure. Warning there are spoilers here for the first two books.

This picks up seven months after the last book. Bryn is still dealing with a couple of things. The shock and guilt of killing Lucas and losing Maddy. She's learning to control her powers as resilient with the help of Jed and adapting more to her role as Alpha.

What I liked: Bryn has grown up. She's a lot sure of herself and realizes that she can't be human. She is wolf inside. I respected that she was doing the best she could as the leader of her young, mostly female pack. I love the interaction and relationship between her and Devon and Lake. I liked that this came full circle form the beginning. I also liked that the ending is not exactly a HEA. Pack politics play a huge part in the story and because of this, I wasn't surprised by certain aspects of the ending.

What was lacking: There were long portions of this that just dragged... a huge portion of the story is her out looking for Maddy and it was boring. I actually found myself skimming. But this is a problem I've had with the other books as well. There is a lull in the middle of the story leading to an action packed ending. The other part is Chase. I still don't understand the connection and intensity of their relationship. Scratch that. I've always understood the draw to Chase but have felt that the love aspect was too...boring? unexplained? I just don't get why they're mates. I don't understand that aspect of the relationship.

Not sure if there will be another book in the series. There was a cliffhanger of sorts that I would be interested in finding out.