Tempted (Eternal Guardians, #3)

Tempted (Eternal Guardians, #3) - Elisabeth Naughton A little romance. A little action. Hot burly angry wounded warriors and a damsel in distress. What's not to love?

This is Demetrius and Isadora's story. Haven't been a fan of Isadora. Still not super crazy about her but I'm glad she finally found her backbone and stood up for herself. She's the heir and the future queen who up to now has been betrothed, against her will, to Theron and Zander. Little did we know who she actually liked was dark, brooding Demetrius. Interesting twists regarding Atalanta, Demetrius and Nick. Didn't expect that.

My favorite character is Orpheus and I'm curious to see what his story is. Will he save Gryphon? Join the Argonauts? I didn't like how things were wrapped up between him and Isa. Too perfect and pretty but it is a love story. I do like that there are ongoing storylines such as Isa's deal with Hades and the connection between the sisters. Enjoyable light reading.