Thorns (The Frost Chronicles, #2)

Thorns (The Frost Chronicles, #2) - Kate Avery Ellison "But if he expected me to shatter like fine china, he was mistaken I was carved from the Frost. I was a Weaver's daughter. I was ice and wood and frozen rain"

We pick up Lia Weaver's story two months after she discovers the mystery of the Thorns and she sends the Farther boy Gabe into a portal where he will be safe. Or so we think. Up to now we actually don't know where these portals go and where the people are. This felt more like an in-between book. Filling up some details and time before something BIG. I'm speculating this big event will come in book 3.

There were many twists and turns and we meet a completely different Lia from book 1. This Lia is mouthy and a bit stupid and careless at times. She also still dealing with the aftermath of losing the only boy she's loved.. We also get to spend more time with Adam, though his life is still a mystery. I really like His character and hope it gets developed further. I kept wondering what he was thinking throughout. I also secretly hope that something good blossoms between him and Lia.

Ivy was truly exasperating and I was beyond annoyed with her. But I kept reminding myself that contrary to how grown up she feels, she is only 14. Jonn... Oh he just broke my heart. I feel so much for this kid. Overall, it felt like something was missing but I still enjoyed the taste we got and Ellison's writing.

"Love. It made us do the stupidest, most dangerous things. And without it, we would wither"

Can't wait for book 3!!