Raised by Wolves (Raised by Wolves, #1)

Raised by Wolves (Raised by Wolves, #1) - Jennifer Lynn Barnes Bryn is an orphan that was rescued at 4 years old by the Alpha Callum. Her family was brutally killed and the details of how or why are one of the slow developments of the story. As one of the few humans living with the pack, Callum has ensured that her training and mentality are at the same level of the pack. This is challenged the day she meets someone - Chase.

This is where it began to feel discombobulated to me. Bryn is being kept away from Chase. There is a draw between them. Bryn is obsessed with being near him. To the point that she not only puts herself in harms way but everyone she loves. Why? Why!? The reasons were dragged out way more then they needed to be and I had to fight against wanting to just conclude that she was a bratty self-centered girl. We actually don't get to the real reason why until the end. Even then it's still not clear why these two feel like they're each other's half. I'm sure there is more to Chase's story than was revealed. At least I hope so because he didn't do much for me.

The supporting characters of Devon and Lake were great. I thought for sure Devon would be the BFF who has a crush on his childhood friend. I really liked Lake, she was feisty and as one of the few female weres, treasured. She also had one of my favorite quotes:
"You die, and I'll find someone with a knack for raising the dead, bring you back all zombified, and kill you myself."

Only a true friend would make sure that your death is a fair one.

I'm still unsure of how I feel about this book. The ending - scratch that - the last four chapters were great! It all came together and in many ways I wish that the information revealed could have come sooner. I kept having to remind myself that this is a YA book and that Bryn is in fact a 15 year old who is acting like a 15 year old. It also made me glad not to have any teenage kids. I'm hoping book 2 moves at a faster pace and that the details come together more seamlessly. In the meantime, 3 stars instead of 4 for me.