Marked (Eternal Guardians, #1)

Marked (Eternal Guardians, #1) - Elisabeth Naughton This was an interesting concept, greek mythology mixed with contemporary times. It all didn't mesh well for me though. The world this was taking place in was a bit confusing so I chose to ignore it and focus on just the story. There were a couple of POVs that I didn't find necessary. Such as Isadora and Atalanta. While I found Isadora's character intriguing, I would have much prefered that this focused only on Theron and Casey.

I also have a problem with stories that focus too much on "the One" and soul mate stuff. After only a couple of encounters Cassie feels like she loves Theron. This just felt too far fetched. Overall, for a intro to a series this wasn't horrible. I do plan on reading the second book and hopefully some of the issues I found annoying have been ironed out.

As a side note, kindle readers should know that there is a short glossary of terms at the end. Though I was able to decipher most of the language, I do wish I'd known it was there.