Give Me Forever

Give Me Forever - Celeste Carrara *This book contains smutty scenes! this book also had the potential of being a lot more than it was. I received this from the author and agreed to give my honest opinion so here it goes:

This was a sugary sweet story about Serena a vampire who has major daddy issues and her soul mate Alex. I was intrigued from the beginning since Serena is born a human that "dies" and begins her transition to vampire at 25. I was kinda hoping to explore more of this concept. I was curious about this idea, how is it that vampires had offspring but alas this part of the story wasn't developed further. In fact it was later revealed that Serena could never have children... so... how did she come about? Hmmm...maybe I missed that explanation.

I had a hard time liking Serena. I hoped that she would be this strong kickass warrior vamp, instead she was a vamp obsessed with her looks, cars, hanging out with some airhead friends and craving the attention of men. At least this is how I perceived her. Her relationship with her father was hard to read about. She was spineless. I understand that her father is a controlling man but when she finds out that there are other supernatural creatures she "becomes upset" but understands that he wanted to keep this from her. Hmmm... I wish we could have found out more about her father and why he was the way he was.

She meets a human Nick who was gorgeous and charismatic... and that's all really. We later meet Alex who is Serena's father #1 assassin. At first sight Serena feels a strong attraction and learns that he is her soul mate. That love at first encounter formula has never worked for me. I was a little disturbed by Alex's behavior. One minute he would be a an asshole and the next he would apologize for his attitude and just like with her father, Serena would just take it and "understand". So Serena is torn between Alex the reluctant soul mate and Nick the human who loves Serena.