Hyde (Hyde, #1)

Hyde (Hyde, #1) - Lauren Stewart So much hype around this book lately. I liked it, didn't crazy love it though.

What I enjoyed: the story. As many have stated this is a retelling of the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The balance between good and evil. Can these be controlled? Does being too good throw the balance off and vice versa? I enjoyed the wit and sarcasm of Mitchell and Eden.

What I didn't enjoy: although I understand the point that was being made, I felt like Eden was just too damn naive. TOO much. To the point that it made her spineless. I was reminded of too many popular books out right now featuring spineless sniveling women who beg and grovel too much even after getting kicked and humiliated by the hot sexy too good to be true leading man. Again, I understand the purpose of Eden needing to be perceived this way at the beginning so we can see her grow strong and confident. See how this affects her darker side, if at all - but it was borderline too much for me. Maybe I'm just hyper sensitive to this but it was almost enough for me to stop the story.

I'm glad I didn't. The way this book ends is absolutely evil and I think I might love Lauren Stewart just for that.