Tethered (Iron Seas, #2.5)

Tethered (Iron Seas, #2.5) - Meljean Brook This is a novella that continues the story of Archimedes and Yasmeen. Brook also followed The Iron Duke with a novella about Mina and the Duke and how they were adapting to married life. I appareciate this. Given that both Mina and Yasmeen are strong independent women now attached to equally challenging men, it gives the reader some assurance and closure to know that the couples are adapting well.

In this novella, Archimedes Fox's adventurous and reckless past comes back to haunt him. There is also the never ending threat of coming to contact with a Tower and having all his emotions and actions controlled. Yasmeen struggles with maintaining order on her new ship and her reputation as the best Mercenary while also establishing some sort of home life and giving her husband a space of power that doesn't challenge her own.

In my book both Heart of Steel and Tethered came together so there was no wait in between. Brook has a very poetic way of writing and expressing the emotion that Archimedes feels without making the language seem too frilly or feminine. I think this installment of the series written better than the ones before. Looking forward to the latest adventure!