To Wake The Shadows

To Wake The Shadows - Hannah Kollef I wish I could give this more stars. I wanted to love it... It had promise. It just didn't fulfill that promise. The prologue was nice, you were introduced to Emily. When I read "...she knew what it was to lose her innocence, that beautiful, flighty bird that had kept her company all her life." I was touched. I was really looking forward to learning what evil was lurking in the basement and what happened to young Emily. I was a bit scared after reading the Prologue.

Sadly you don't find out what evil is in the basement until almost halfway through the book. Halfway through you encounter an adult Emily. The writing felt so forced, even when Emmeline (Emily), badass psychic with an attitude, makes an appearance it just felt so fake and didn't flow. I didn't buy it. All the swearing and redneck attitude didn't sell me on it. Almost half of the book was used to describe Mary (a nice girl who doesn't fit in). Andy (her cousin who loves Mary & grandmother very much). Grandmother who has a gift that we don't explore til later (sort of), Lisa (wholesome Lisa who gets picked on). But all along we know there is something evil in the basement. What is it?!?!? What is the evil?? And what does it want with saintly Mary??

Overall, I liked the story idea but the first half was painful to read. I never connected with the characters. I wanted to love this. I really did. There were some great scenes just too little too late. I was actually reminded of Anne Rice's "The Witching Hour" probably because I just re-read it not too long ago. In it, you are introduced to a house that is deteriorating. Haunted by something evil. You quickly are introduced to "The Man" and learn that it is the spirit of Lasher that is attacking the house and it's inhabitants. Maybe because something about The Wake of Shadows quickly reminded me of The Witching Hour I was unable to fully enjoy and get into this story. I really did try to like it but once it got halfway and the pace picked up at bit I was bored. Bored with Mary, Bobby, Lisa and the rest.