Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, Book 6)

Blood Rites - Jim Butcher While I have enjoyed this series, it has taken the last 2 books for the series to really take off for me. As usual, Harry's world is full of trouble. In his strive to do what’s right he seems to find even more of it. HUGE revelations in this story and we also see a darker side of Harry. We’ve gotten glimpses of it before and other characters have hinted at the potential of a dark side but it’s finally unfolding. No idea what this means but I’m sure we’ll find out.

For once I wasn’t annoyed by Karin Murphy. I actually found myself feeling bad for her. I also enjoyed the spending more time with Thomas and the mercenary Jared Kincaid, hoping that something happens between Kincaid and Murphy. It does seem that Harry is developing something besides friendship for Murphy but I rather see him with someone else. Our favorite wizard does need to get laid soon! The events that occurred between Harry and his mentor Ebenezar made me sad but I’m hoping they iron things out.

As a side note, I listened to the audio version of the book and it's artfully narrated by James Marsters aka Spike from Buffy. He did an excellent job of bringing all the characters to life. Then again, he could probably read a medical almanac to me and I'd find it fascinating.