Sins & Needles

Sins & Needles - Karina Halle ★★★1/2

I'm torn. There was much I liked about this but at the same time there were other things that annoyed me and didn't understand. I love music and love it when authors weave music into their writing. I joke that I have a soundtrack constantly playing in my head and reading music in a story makes it more real to me. Camden was intriguing but also predictable. I kinda knew where the story was going so wasn't shocked by the different twists as others were.

What I didn't care for too much was Ellie. While both Camden and Ellie suffered from serious anger management issues, I understood where Camden was coming from better than Ellie. I just didn't relate or fully comprehend her anger. I don't enjoy when characters feel justified and entitled to make other people's lives shit just because their own youth/life was shit. While she did have pretty awful parents, she also had a chance to choose a different road. The way I looked at it, her life was shit because she chose to make so. So don't be angry.

But, the story overall did captivate me and kept me entertained. When not running from the really bad guys, these two managed to have some really sweet love scenes. Big cliffhanger of course. Curious to see what happens.