Sweet Peril

Sweet Peril - Wendy Higgins This was better than book one but it was a slooow start for me. It didn't actually pick up until 35% into the book. Anna is trying to maintain her purity while at the same time putting up a facade of a party girl that she is supposed to be. She constantly struggles with the desire to give into the pleasures of alcohol and drugs. More than anything she struggles against the forbidden feelings she has for Kaidan.

We learn more about the prophecy for the redemption the nephilim and her role in it. But I think what stole the show were the chapters between Anna and Kai. Though the side story of a coming rebellion is interesting, I found it slow. It was nice to get the heated chapters of the two lovers.

Overall, an alright continuation to the series. Wasn’t wowed but will definitely read book 3. It all seems to be leading to some exciting scenes!