The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden)

The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa AWESOME continuation to the series!! Where to begin? Allison Sekemoto is on the hunt to rescue her maker Kanin from the psycho vamp Sarren. On her way she crosses path with her blood sibling Jackal. Jackal stole the show in this book. If it wasn’t for him this book wouldn’t have the rating I’ve given it. A trait of a great writer is one who takes a villain and makes the reader fall in love with him. Julie Kagawa did not change who he is. Jackal is a jackass. Maybe that’s where the nickname came from. I was constantly wondering when/how he would turn on Allie. But I realized that there is more to him. As the reader I felt that within each smartass comment and selfish remark there was something deeper and I just got a taste. Looking forward to seeing how he grows.

In book one Allison was dealing with the fact that she is a vampire. As a mortal she had a crappy life and as a vampire she could easily become a monster. This continues that journey of discovery. Who is Allie the vampire? She was so hard on herself at times. Zeke and Jackal played against each other. Two sides of her moral conscious. Good & bad angel. I still feel like she sees things a bit too black and white despite the discussions she has with Zeke that hint to the contrary. The way she handled Stick was exasperating for me.

As usual MAJOR cliffhanger which makes me unhappy. The wait will be far too long for the next one. Great series!