Dark Triumph (His Fair Assassin Trilogy)

Dark Triumph - Robin LaFevers Lovely!! This is a story about trained assassin Sybella. We first meet her in Ismae's book and she plays a critical role at the end. I didn't remember much about her but it didn't seem to matter. Sybella's story was dark. It's classified as YA since she is young, yet it deals with some very adult themes. Among which is incest. Because this is historical fiction, at times the court politics bogged the story too much for my taste but that is to be expected.

The light in the story is the romance with the formidable knight, Beast. I actually "aaawww"-ed out loud a couple of times. It was sweet. It was charming. It was perfect. It takes a couple of chapters for the story to get going but once it does it takes off! Looking forward to book 3 in the trilogy.