Falling Blind: The Sentinel Wars

Falling Blind - Shannon K. Butcher This is Cain and Rory's story. I vaguely remembered Rory so had to backtrack a bit. Rory worked at the homeless shelter with Hope. She was captured but escaped and then disappeared. I was excited to know that this was Cain’s story. For some sick reason, I thought it would be about Cain and Sybil. But I guess that would’ve been wrong since he has always viewed Sybil as a daughter (thus the sick part on my side). Anyways, Cain feels lost without his ward until he meets Rory.

I really enjoy kickass, sassy mouthed, independent women but Rory was just stubborn and annoying. I get it, she’s lost everyone she loves and therefore doesn’t want to care and hurt again. But most of the book was her pushing Cain away and not accepting help. Thankfully Cain is very patient (he was Sybil’s caretaker afterall) and therefore finally breaks through.

There were some hot scenes but overall I found this lacking something … it was a bit boring. It lacked that certain spark and uniqueness I’ve enjoyed from the other books in this series. I found myself more interested in the story of Lyka and Joseph. Rory and Cain eventually get their HEA but I found myself not too interested. Plus it was a bit rushed.

This will be a re-read for me at a later time. Hoping maybe I missed something in the story.