Unravel Me

Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi Updated to add that I recommend reading the short story [b:Destroy Me|13623150|Destroy Me (Shatter Me #1.5)|Tahereh Mafi|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1340398466s/13623150.jpg|19226840] before reading this. It's Warner's POV of events that happen in book one and it gives you good insight on his upbringing, family life and his father. Most short stories don't add much, but this one does.

Holy fucking shit! I don't even know how to rate this. This picks up right after book one and Juliette & Adam are in the Omega compound.

So... Juliette. Juliette, annoyed the shit out of me!! Constantly whining and wallowing in self-pity. But then I got a glimpse of a stronger Juliette and got my hopes up just to have then crushed by some idiotic thing she would do. The only reason this is not a 5 star book is because of her stupid ass. She's powerful and has so damn potential if she could stop crying for one damn second. She also comes across important, vital information and doesn't share it with anyone. I don't get why. That might my overall problem with her. I don't understand her.

The redeeming parts of this are everyone else. Kenji was awesome. Loved that he put Juliette in her place and called her on all her bullshit. He also provided much needed comedic relief. Adam, still love Adam but he lost a lot of his spark. Understandable since he finds out so much about himself and his abilities. Then there is Warren. I might be in love with him. I love it when an author can take a villain and make him likeable even if he is evil. The only reason this has 4 stars is because of him.

Overall a quick read full of big scenes. Nicely written.

Cliffhanger, of course. Love triangle, of course. What will happen and will Juliette finally put on her big girl panties? I sure hope so.