Outpost - Ann Aguirre WOW! 4.5 stars.

So much better than the first one!! I'm not ashamed to admit that this made me sniffle on more than one occassion. Deuce, Fade, Stalker and Tegan are at the settlement Salvation. I loved the Deuce we meet. She is a girl trying to find purpose once again. All she's ever known is what she learned in the Conclave. She is a Huntress. A fighter and warrior. At Salvation she is only a girl who has to wear dresses, mend and go to school with her peers. I loved how she fought to stay true to what was important to her but at the same time tried to learn what she could. She sees the world in terms of fighting and war and everything is a means to get stronger, faster and learn strategy.

As the reader we join Deuce in the dicovery of the softer "girl" side. The side that learns that love, though it weakens you, it makes you fight that much harder. The side that appreciates being admired by the boy she loves. The side that is learning about relationships. The side that learns to appreciate and care for the adults that care for her and recognizes to be cared for is not a weakness. I adored Momma Oaks, Edmund and Longshot. At first it felt like they were trying to stiffle and change Deuce but I loved how they come to accept and respect who she is.

I thought it was endearing that she was so clueless about romantic relationships and it was nice to explore that with her. Exclusive kissing rights and the concept of sparking were very cute. I hate love triangles though and hope that the situation between Fade, Stalker and her find a happy ending somehow. Can't wait until book 3! What will happen???