Days of Blood & Starlight

Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor Much like book one, words fail when trying to review this book. To say its about an Angel and Demon and their love doesn't do it justice. Laini Taylor has a gift with words and weaves a strange, colorful world that is both vivid and hard to imagine. This was a dark story. Darker then I expected. Taylor sank me deep in despair, gave me a glimmer of hope and then pushed me down further. Just when you thought all is lost.... Hope
"Like the ground to a falling man, it would come rushing up and hit him all at once--the place, the company, her words; one implication would lead to another and shatter him--but around that intake of breath the world hung silent and bright, so bright, and Akiva knew only one thing, and held on to it and wanted to live inside of it and stay there forever."

This story deals with shame and blame. Karou blames herself for being an Angel lover. Because of her, all that she loves is lost. She is ashamed of that love. Akiva blames himself for once again hurting Karou and hurting innocent beings. He is ashamed for not being brave enough to stand up for the world he and Karou/Madrigal whispered and dreamnt about.
"Light coursed through Karou and darkness chased it--burning through her, chilling her, shimmer and shadow, ice and fire, blood and starlight, rushing roaring, filing her. Shock and disbelief. And rancor. And rage."

This book has made me question all my 5 star reviews. Were they really worth it? I loved this book. There is so much I want to say but it's hard without giving anything away. Book three needs to happen ASAP.