Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles)

Scarlet - Marissa Meyer I'd been eagerly waiting for this book for close to a year. This picks up about a week after Cinder is imprisoned. I was happy to see that this was going to include chapters about both Cinder and Kai. I was worried I would have to wait to find out what happened to these two. Luckily we get plenty of chapters about them and we also meet newcomer "Captain" Thorne. A pompous, arrogant, germaphobe inmate who fancies himself a ladies man. He was a bit annoying at first but then provided much needed humor to the story.

This of course is mostly about Scarlet Benoit. She is the feisty farmer girl from a small town in France. In the desperate search for her missing grandmother she encouters Wolf (aka Ze'ev Kesley). I loved Wolf from the beginning. I really enjoyed the spin that Marissa Meyer gave the werewolves in this story. I think I developed a love/not-sure-about-you thing with Scarlet. At times I loved her spunk and stubbornes. At others I wanted to tape her mouth shut and smack her.

My only complaint is about the love development and connection between Scarlet and Wolf. It felt contrived. It was obvious from the moment they meet that there is a connection but... everything else felt limp. Which was a shame because otherwise the story was a fast delightful read.

Now another LONG wait for book 3... do out in a year. *sad face*