Nightlife (Cal Leandros, Book 1)

Nightlife - Rob Thurman I've had so much on my plate lately that my attention was divided while reading this so this may not be a fair review. I've had this book on my shelves for a long time and overall it was a good intro to a series. It was a very slow start and the writing/story felt choppy. The world created was interesting and creepy as hell! I liked the brothers Cal and Niko. I felt bad for them. Especially Niko who has sacrificed so much for his brother and is fully human. At the same time I felt like the characters could have been developed better. While the story was intriguing it was very slow and I found myself having to backtrack a page or two after I would put it down.

I am still interested to read where these relationships go. Hopefully the writing and characters will flow better.