Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson)

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet - Darynda Jones 2 stars. Can't believe I'm giving this only two stars but I am. This was - is - a favorite series of mine. Charley is a bit nutty, funny, stubborn and has a big heart. In book one I found her humor annoying and the plot all over the place. Nobody can have a straight conversation without a 1-liner thrown in there or sarcastic comment. It was overdone but I hung in there. Thankfully books two & three were a bit more toned down and I laughed & cried along with Charley.

This book was torture!! The "humor" was once again overdone. Can we please, PLEASE have a real, honest, straight conversation without stupid humor lines? Please??? Then there is Reyes. The hero who isn't a hero. Charley's obsession and tormentor. I give up. I love bad boys with soft hearts. I do. But this bad boy is an asshole. Sorry Charley but no Reyes for me. I don't see the appeal. Tired of reading how he makes her orgasm by just looking at her. Tired and over it. There are other characters I rather know more about.

Very disappointed and sad with how this went. No idea if I will continue.