The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden)

The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa O M G!!!! I hate cliffhangers!!

Had no idea what to expect from this. I've had it on my TBR list for some time and after reading Kagawa's other series, Iron King, I was hesitant. This was awesome. Dystopian world. Vampires. Swords. Rabids that reminded me of zombies. Mysterious master vampire with secrets. And in the midst of it all we have Allison (Allie) who just wants to survive.

She has fought to survive her whole life and although she has a tough no-nonsense air to her, underneath she's a girl wanting love, safety and to do what's right. When she meets Zeke and his group, she has to face the monster that she now is and decide what path to take. Zeke has such a caring heart and is a gentle soul. It was nice to see the influence he had on Allie and despite of it all, I can't wait to see where their story ends.

There was a point in the middle where the story dragged a bit but overall this was a great read and that ending definitely left me wanting more.