Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins Premise: Among us demons walk the earth. Fallen angels. At the top of the hierarchy are Dukes who represent twelve of the sins: greed, lust, substance abuse etc... They take human bodies and procreate with human women who never survive childbirth. Their offspring are Nephilim and their job is to case chaos among humans. Anna Whitt is different. She was born of angel and demon (Belial - substance abuse) and unlike other Neph is oblivious to her true nature and purpose until her 16th birthday.

My feelings: Right from the start I had problems with this story. Anna is the typical too good, virgin who just wants to so what's right. Enter bad boy Kaidan. Son of Pharzuph - lust. His job is to feed off women's sexual desires. Kaidan struggles with wanting to be good. He is drawn to Anna and so needs to push her away constantly since it can't be.

There was something missing in this whole story. I thought the concept of demons and offspring was original but it failed to really impress me otherwise. I don't mind virginal, goody characters but why must they always be so naive and borderline stupid? Anna was too trusting and willing to openly share secrets with other Neph.

The first half was interesting but then it lost interest for me. I can see we're building up to something good and I don't doubt that Kaidan's redemption will come via Anna. The thought makes me gag a bit but I'm still intrigued.