Shadowfever (MacKayla Lane, Book 5)

Shadowfever  - Karen Marie Moning It took me a week to finish reading this. Not because I didn't love it. No. A combo of life and subconsciously really not wanting to finish this series. I wasn't an instant fan of Mac and the world Moning had created. It took me two books to really fall in love with the hero. Jericho Barrons was a different story. I found him moody, dark and intriguing since book one and I will miss him the most.

I'm not going to post favorite quotes and parts. What's the point? If you've read this you have your own and if you haven't, read it. I've mentioned this before and I'll say it again, this series gets under your skin. Few books have that affect on me. I carry the characters and the story with me thinking about what I just read, wondering what the characters will do next, taking apart the dialogue. I will say this, the biggest surprise to me was the fact that Darroc, the Lord Master was killed and taken out of the picture so quickly!. There were many twists and turns in this final chapter but that caught me off guard the most.

I wont say I'm a huge fan of all things Moning like some of my GR friends are, but she has impressed me with this series and the way she wove some of these scenes. I will miss Mac but specially, most definitely, Barrons.