Blood Riders

Blood Riders - Michael P. Spradlin 3.5 stars - western urban fantasy with some steam operated machinery mixed in. I had no idea what to expect!

Jonas Hollister is imprisoned after his platoon is killed and no bodies can be found. As the sole survivor and General in charge his explanations are not believed. Everyone thinks he's crazy for thinking savage creatures with fangs attacked his men, that is until it happens again. He is released from prison under the condition that he will find and destroy these creatures. He takes with him a fellow inmate Chee who is skilled in more ways than just shooting. With the help of some side characters including Van Helsing, Monkey Pete and an awesome dog named Dog, their ad entire begins.

There were some great action scenes in this book. The descriptions of the guns, trains and other machinery was more detailed than I cared to read about but I did think they were cool. Hollister is sarcastic and funny and the dialogue between him and Chee made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion. I wish we could've explored Chee's past a bit more. He is all kinds of interesting and badass.

What I didn't like was Shaniah. She is an Archaic (vampire) leader and though ahead the makings of an awesome kickass warrior, she came short. The romance between her and Hollister was forced and completely unnecessary. From that point on I lost some interest. Oh and the ending? What bullshit! (Don't click unless you want the ending spoiled) I don't know where this pregnancy bit is going but blah. Completely killed the book

A great intro to this genre that I've been wanting to explore for some time.