Raven Cursed (Jane Yellowrock, Book 4)

Raven Cursed - Faith Hunter 3.5 stars

This was an infuriating read. Poor Jane is always being blamed for all the shit that goes wrong. Part of it is her own doing. She carries so much guilt over what happened to Rick LaFleur. I'm still not a fan of his and his somewhat guilty admission of cheating on Jane was bullshit. It will be interesting to see what he becomes though and if that opens the possibilities to his relationship advancing with Jane.

We also find out what Evangelina had been up to. Which led to another infuriating plot of Jane being blamed by not just stupid Big Evan but Molly. *sigh* Even Beast is MIA. The only ones who can't get enough of Jane are the vamps.

I like this series but all the gloom is starting to get to me. I need a happy ending for once. I need Jane to be happy and not torn up both inside and out after saving people.