Dark Light of Mine: Book Two of the Overworld Chronicles (Volume 2)

Dark Light of Mine - John Corwin Harry Potter meet The Matrix! It's always a bad sign for me when it takes me a couple of days to finish a book. Unless I'm super busy or sick, it just doesn't happen. I also hate it when I'm torn about my feelings about a book once I finish it. Lets break it down...

This picks up immediately after book one.

What I enjoyed: The concept and story. Justin is a spawn. An incubus demon who is also part sorcerer and part human. His parents were both shunned from their families and they've been on the run. Poor Justin's powers were awakened without any guidance and he now finds himself in the midst of a supernatural war. I enjoy Justin and Elyssa's character. He is a kid who is slowly growing up and is unsure of what to do. He is the brawn and Elyssa is the brains. But it works and they make a good pair. Even their sappy love confessions were cute.

We are once again joined by Stacey, a feline-were, and introduced to Ryland who I enjoyed very much. But I do love werewolves. I enjoyed the banter, vulnerability and spunk in each of these characters. There is so much potential for these two and I'm excited to see where Corwin takes their story.

What I didn't enjoy: The first half of the book. I'm still unsure of what the purpose of the ever annoying Katie was at the beginning. Then we have Smith. Geek genius who... still unsure why he stuck around. Felicia who was just getting trashed on most of the time. I'm thinking that these will all come together and be instrumental in uniting all the different species together. That's a great plan, I'm just not sure it was necessary to give then so much time.

The story finally picked up for me once all these characters moved into the shadows and it was just Justin and Elyssa.

The world, while interesting and original with the way technology and magic are connected, it was too much for me. I'm not a computer nerd so all the Matrix-like stuff was boring. Again, original, too much. Plus the Grotto seemed like a scene in Harry Potter. I kept expecting them to go grab a butterbeer.

In conclusion... I like the story. Will read book 3 but do so in the hopes that all these extra characters are either flushed out or developed further. I would've loved to see Justin learn more about his powers and abilities and grow stronger. I still want to see his parents redeem themselves since so far they have the "worst parents" award. Until book 3....