Mark of the Demon (Kara Gillian, Book 1)

Mark of the Demon - Diana Rowland Overall, I think this was a good introduction to a series. Gillian is a detective with a good balance of sarcarsm, wit and vulnerability. There were more than a few times that the story seemed to lag and was a bit choppy. The way her relationship progressed with FBI agent Ryan felt too rushed. She was attracted to him and his beautiful eyes but it seemed too trusting for her to expose her secrets so quickly to him without much reason. For someone with a reputation for isolation and secrecy, she was very careless. I am also not a fan of Aunt Tessa. She was one of those characters that was not endearing or charming and in my opinion didn't add much to the story for me.

I did wish we could have explored more of Rhyzkahl. Not just who he is but what he wants with Gillian. I suppose that's what book 2 and the rest are about.