Angel's Ink: The Asylum Tales

Angel's Ink - Jocelynn Drake I was pleasantly surprised by this story. Based in a world full of magical creatures, Gage is the owner of Asylum, a tattoo parlor where for extra cash you can get a little something extra.

On a personal level, I've always believed that the art you get on your body affects your energy so it was interesting to read a story that explored this on a more magical level. Gage is a warlock that turned his back on his magical society and has been trying to live a peaceful life. That peace goes out the window when a terminally ill client comes in a his tattoo has unexpected side effects.

Despite the title there were no angels featured. Only an awesome troll named Bronx, a beautiful elf who Gage has loved Trixie and vampires with OCD. This was well written and I loved the interaction between Gage and guardian Gideon. The story had a Dresden feel to it, perhaps its the fact that Gage is a warlock.
"I give you the beat of my heart, the breath in my lungs, and the joy in my soul. You are mine and I am yours."
I'm looking forward to where this series goes and learning more about Gage, Trixie and Bronx.