Rapture: A Novel of the Fallen Angels

Rapture - J.R. Ward In my opinion it took this series about two books to get into its own rhythm and find it's own entity away from Ward's other series -- although there is a cameo. After Envy, it was clear that the war was on. It wouldn't be a Ward story if it wasn't full of acronyms and pop/label/fashion references, things that some people find annoying. These don't bother me since it doesn't take away from the story development.

A summary of the story thus far: In Caldwell, NY Jim Heron is an XOps now angel that has been selected to fight in the contest for 7 souls. He is guided by the main angel Nigel and on earth has his sidekick Adrian and Dog. On the evil side is Devina. Devina is so evil I can't help but love her. She has OCD, low self-esteem, sees a therapist 5 times a week and of course is breathtakingly beautiful in her human form. The score thus far: Heaven 2, Hell 1

After Envy we knew this would be about Matthias. Jim's ex-boss and the only soul he has lost. A man that Jim has been convinced was born evil. Matthias meets reporter Mels and sparks fly immediately. As usual there are twist and turns as far as what the crossroad that Matthias will encounter really is. The other half of the story is about Adrian trying to keep it together after the devastating death of Eddie and Jim trying to figure out a way of getting his Sissy out of hell. The pace of the book was steady. SOme might consider it slow but I liked how it all just unraveled nicely. There were some good developments that have now left me eagerly waiting for book 5. So much of this is about Jim not losing his soul...

Oh... we also learn Dog's real identity. =)