The Iron King (Harlequin Teen)

The Iron King - Julie Kagawa First thing, Kagawa does an amazing job with imagery. I could see the world of Nevernever. I have a love/hate relationship with stories about the fae. Sometimes I just feel like there is so much effort that must be put into world building that the story falls short. Also some of the characters in fairyland have a tendency to be way too creepy for me. The story itself was ok. It was good but it was predictable. I like the twist of the Iron Fey and the reason for their existence. For a time now I've heard about "Ash", the wonderful Ash. It didn't surprise me that he belonged to winter. I knew he would be a torn prince with a sad past. I also enjoyed Meghan. Although clearly out of her element, she was fierce in her own way. Whiling to do whatever it took to protect those she cared about and save her brother. Puck was also enjoyable. Though the joker side of him was a bit too much at times.

So why only three stars? From the beginning this felt like a marriage between the movies Labyrinth and Alice in Wonderland. The cat. The "seer" telling of her prophecy. Her role as a savior. Entertaining? Yes. Original? Not really. But I liked it. It did do a good enough job that I will read the next book though. Hopefully it's better.