The Restorer (Graveyard Queen)

The Restorer - Amanda Stevens Amelia is cemetery restorer who has the gift (or curse) of also seeing ghosts. Since discovering this ability her father, who can also see ghosts, ingrained in her the rules. Don’t look at them, don’t acknowledge them, don’t tempt fate and stay away from humans who are haunted. This was working until a body is found in one of cemeteries she is restoring. Her expertise and reputation as the Graveyard Queen along with the irresistible draw to haunted Detective John Devlin lead to the breaking of all her rules.

The pace of this book is a slow. Almost drowsy. It matches the sweltering southern heat where the story takes place. My one complaint is that there wasn't good closure. I know that this is part of a series but still... just when we were starting to unravel some of the mystery the book ended.

I'm intrigued enough to give book 2 a chance. Hopefully the pace is a bit faster and the story developes further.