Master Of Crows

Master of Crows - Grace Draven I LOVED THIS! I was in the mood for a romance and this hit the spot.

It started a bit slow and very dark but then it quickly blossomed into a love story full of magic. Silhara is a powerful, arrogant and bitter wizard that lives in the cursed land of Neith. His mansion is falling to pieces and is surrounded by a forest full of dark creatures. His most valued possession is his orange grove that is the home of hundreds of crows. When the god Corruption sets his eyes on Silhara's Gift and soul as a means to take over the world, Silhara seeks out help and in walks Martise. She is a slave who has been given the task of spying on Silhara in exchange for a piece of her soul and freedom.

I love that Silhara doesn't fall in love with Martise because of her beauty. He is attracted to her intelligence, wit and voice that soothes him. The sexual tension was very heavy and I cheered when these two finally brought the walls down. Martise is such a strong female character who works past her fears to obtain what she has always wanted - love & freedom. My only complaints are two: (1) The use of cunnus. I laughed every single time. Cunnus? Really?? (2) The fact that there is no book 2. I always complain that there are too many series but I will miss these two.

"The basking lion had awakened and watched her as if she were prey in the tall grass. There were cliffs with chasms so deep and wide, a person could fall for eternity. Martise blithely stepped off the tallest one"