Full Blooded (Jessica McClain)

Full Blooded - Amanda  Carlson If you like werewolves and weres, you got to read this. Jessica is the only female werewolf in existence. There is a prophecy that states that a female wolf will be the end of the race. Because of this, she has had to fight for her life her whole life. Though being the daughter of the Alpha has helped, it hasn't been enough and she has lived away from the Pack and her family for almost 10 years. Her saving grace has been that she's never shifted to a wolf. But then she does and all hell breaks loose. This was a fast paced story full of some good male characters that I wish had been developed further. But it is Jessica's story told from her POV. Some story developments I predicted coming. The end I did not. Talk about cliffhangers!! Great introduction to the series, hoping the next book gives us more character development. Next book is out in April 2013. I can't wait!!